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Future of Decatur Foundation

I'm PROUD to do my part to help Decatur...

Name:  __________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________________

City:  ________________     State:  ___________     Zip:  _______________

Phone(s):  ____________________________________________________

Email:  _______________________________________________________

______ I am interested in learning more about The Future of Decatur Foundation.  Please contact me.

______ I am enclosing a gift of $__________ to The Future of Decatur Foundation.

I would like my gift to be placed in:
(check all appropriate boxes)

______ The General Fund (Used to provide annual grants to local projects.)

______ The Endowment Fund (Invested long-term to sustain the work of the Foundation.)

______ The Robert E. Baker Memorial Fund (Used to support the museum.)

______ The Sears Gift to Decatur Fund (Used to build a new Senior Center & Community Wellness Center.)

______ I would like to be a voting member.  Enclosed is the membership fee of $18.56.

______ I would like my gift to be in memory of ___________________________________.

______ I would like my gift to be in honor of _____________________________________.

Please make gifts payable to:  The Future of Decatur Foundation, PO Box 174, Decatur, NE 68020.

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