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Future of Decatur Foundation

Jeff Baker, a 1976 graduate of Decatur High School, together with his employer AMGEN, recently gave a large donation to the Future of Decatur Foundation.  This donation established the Robert E Baker Memorial Fund.  Now, Jeff is challenging others to give back to the Decatur community through the Future of Decatur Foundation.  If you would like, you can specify that your gift be used for any of the following:  the Robert E Baker Memorial Fund (used to support the Decatur Museum), The Sears Gift to Decatur Fund (used for the building of a new senior center and community wellness center), The Endowment Fund (for long-term investment to sustain the work of the Foundation), or the General Fund (which provides annual grants to local projects).

Look what the Future of Decatur Foundation has accomplished...

See the Difference!

The Foundation is honored to have received two major gifts:

All gifts, large and small, further Decatur's distinction as a GREAT place to live and to visit.

We Need You!!!

You can play a vital role in Decatur's future.  All gifts are tax deductible and will be used for community betterment, giving you a lasting way to say "Thanks, Decatur!"

Ways to Give

How to Give

To make a tax-deductible contribution to The Future of Decatur Foundation, simply complete the attached form and hand it to a member of the Fund Advisory Committee or mail it to:  The Future of Decatur Foundation, PO Box 174, Decatur, NE 68020

Join Us!

The Future of Decatur Foundation is dedicated to the improvement and long-term viability of the community.  The Foundation is governed by a fund advisory committee that determines how donated funds are distributed to projects in the community.

Judy Connealy, Chair (402) 349-5443
Susan Thomas, Vice Chair/Secretary (402) 496-0663
Peggy Haeffner, Treasurer (402) 349-5536
At Large Fund Advisory Committee Members
Linda Dunning
Kathy Mussack
Bev Siecke
Debbie Dye
Jennifer Penny

For more information, contact any member of the fund advisory committee.

About Our Affiliation with the Nebraska Community Foundation

The Nebraska Community Foundation, Inc., provides affiliated fund status to more than 150 communities.  This allows our communities, including the Future of Decatur Foundation, to achieve nonprofit status without forming their own corporation.

The Nebraska Community Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable corporation providing financial management, stratgeic development and education/training services.

For more information, call 402-323-7330, or visit our Website at www.nebcommfound.org.


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